What is offered?

In order to better serve all those involved in the livestock industry, besides offering a wide range of veterinary drugs, we provide cattle breeders, veterinarians, caretakers, shopkeepers, among others, a set of services that support our mission to contribute to the prosperity of our partners. Among these services, we can highlight:

Technical Support

Through our technical and sales team around the country, we offer support to producers, veterinarians, agricultural and cattle breeding companies and universities through training, visits to farms, talks, field days, among other technical events.

Scientific Communication

J.A provides technical information, journals, videos, therapeutic protocols and procedures, which help those involved in livestock raising to improve the health and productivity of the stock. These materials are available on our website and social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and our YouTube channel.

Contact VET

“Talk to the VET” channel: an exclusive channel that aims to support breeders, veterinarians and partners, solving questions related to the characteristics and way of using our products.