The Company


J.A Animal Health is 100% Brazilian industry in the veterinary pharmaceutical sector, which is specialized in development, manufacturing, and marketing of products for animal health.

With the mission to offer safe and innovative solutions to the market, the company has a technical staff capable to support its clients and to show to cattle farming the solutions based on easy-performance and high efficacy concepts.

In compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), J.A. keeps wide production structure, licensed by Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply (MAPA) for manufacturing injectable and non-injectable drugs. It has Physical-Chemical and Microbiological Quality Control laboratories, with up-to-date equipment, ensuring the quality and safe of its drug products.

In addition, J.A also offers industrialization services to other companies that manufacture penicillin and non-penicillin injectable.

Innovation and commitment with cattle farming


The company offers safe and innovative solutions for animal health to the market and provides clients, partners, collaborators, and shareholders prosperity.


It intends to be an outstanding Brazilian brand in animal health sector, based on the technical experience, innovation, and socio-environmental commitment.


Experience, quality, responsibility, commitment, innovation, and dynamism.

The Founder

J.A Animal Health was founded in 2002 by José Abdo Andrade Hellu, a veterinarian who, for more than 35 years, dedicated his life to animal clinic, surgery, and reproduction. About 20 years he has performed tests and researches of effective and innovative formulas for veterinary drugs.

His intention to develop new products arose from his perception and field service experience, in which he noted that several drug products offered in the market could have their therapeutic efficacy improved. Since the mid-1990’s, he has started researches and tests of innovative formulations, most times using associations of already-existing active inputs, but never previously associated, and with dosages adjusted to the higher effectiveness, practicality, and economy in the treatment.  After evidencing effectiveness of such new associations in fighting diseases; that they brought greater benefits to the breeders, and that they are commercially viable, he started a new phase – build the current J.A Animal Health’s production plant. Since then on, J.A. has increased and developed new innovative product lines.

Dr. José Abdo de Andrade Hellú is graduated in Veterinary Medicine by Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP – Jaboticabal (1976), expert in Animal Reproduction by Universidade de Franca (2003), master in Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesiology by Universidade de Franca (2009), and PhD in Animal Reproduction by Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP – Jaboticabal (2012).

Social Responsibility

J.A Animal Health is a company committed to the society, not only in respect of cattle farming, but also in relation to other areas, aiming to disseminate knowledge and promote a fairer society.

  • Knowledge dissemination: By means of technical lectures, field days, publications, researches, and events, J.A Animal Health tries to strengthen the relationship with the breeders, veterinarians, and college students, in addition to democratize the cattle knowledge aiming to promote the animal health.
  • Research support: J.A Animal Health supports the research and researchers through projects funding by itself and through partnerships with research funding bodies, such as, Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos – FINEP [Funding Authority for Studies and Projects] and Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – CNPq [Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development].
  • Joint company APAE: The support to non-profit entities is part of a company responsibility, thus, J.A Animal Health supports the Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais [Association of Parents and Friends of Special Children], an entity that acts in favor of integral special children care.
  • Several social actions, such as: Warm Clothing Campaign and Food Donation Campaign, promoted by J.A Animal Health, in which the J.A community donates warm clothes and foods aiming to provide higher comfort for the less fortunate people.